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We have the coolest neighbors! Their names are Margie and Clarence and they always have something going on at their house. If there isn't a new batch of bunnies being born, then there are a plethora of rodents to be caught and removed - humanely - from the garden area... or maybe just some cute baby squirrels running about. Check out these pix!

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Critters Clarence Caught
Look at this fierce possum. Oh, yuck! Clarence caught this guy running around his garden already this season. Whenever Clarence catches a critter with his cage, he lets him or her go down by the river. Kind of like a Critter Relocation Program.
Dentist? I don't need no stinkin' dentist!
Look at me! Ooooh. I'm scary. Look at my teeth! Aren't you frightened? Now let me outta this cage!

Clarence, I wonder who's eating the corn that we put out for the ducks each night.

I don't know. Maybe I'll get my trap out and we'll see what we catch, Ma.

Well, look at who we have here. Did you enjoy your free lunch? Good. Now it's time to take a ride, hot shot.


It was dark out when I took this shot, so it looks a little grainy and his eyes are a bit shiny. That's okay.

He certainly looks like he knows he's been busted, doesn't he?

I heard that there was this great restaurant with the best tomatoes!

Dude, what is up with this door??

What goes through a woodchuck's mind when he's stuck in a cage surrounded by humans:

If you don't move, they can't see you.

Who are you? The mugshot lady? Sheesh!

No Wait! Come Back!

Hey, Sweetie. If you let me out, I'll share my tomatoes with ya. No, really!

How in the world this little guy got out without his mother noticing is a mystery.
I'm sure he feels the same way about his predicament.
Although, the instincts of "when in danger, open that gnarly mouth of yours" seem to be available to him already.
Top side, the little critter almost looks cute... almost!

If he could talk, I'd expect him to sound like Igor.

Yesss, Masterrr. I'll get dee brains now.

Of course, Jack thinks this snarly, hissing, growling critter is adorable and wanted to know if it could be domesticated. I assured him that it could NOT.
I think the 'possum would agree.


Local Wildlife
Well, the picture isn't that great, but that's what happens when it's nearly dark out and you can't get too close to your subject. Anyway, we've got some ducks walking back and forth between our yards. Mama wasn't out the day I took these, but I'll get her picture soon enough.
Hey, lady! What are you? The duck paparazzi? Sheesh!
Oh Harold! You said it would be peaceful and quiet out here. Look! There's one of those camera-totin' bipeds! *sigh* So much for a quiet morning.
She was here yesterday, Hazel. I figured that she would be done. Guess not. Let's try some other yard.
You just can't count on a neighborhood to stay nice and quiet these days. Let's go, honey.
In an apple tree just outside the living room window lives a Mama squirrel and her 4 babies. If you look closely, you can see them scooting around on these branches. Margie has told me that they play a great game of hide and seek in the holes of their apple tree. Sounds like lots of fun to be a baby squirrel.

How sweet!


Don't fall, little guy!

I see you, little guy!
Run! There's that lady with the camera again!


We Love Bunnies!
This is Jack. He's my favorite. If you feed him frosted mini wheats, he'll eat the frosting off first and then see if you're going to give him another one before finishing off the wheat side. What a character!
Rachel likes to help herself to the baby bunnies. She's getting really good at the cages and handling the bunnies.
But, sometimes she really has to get all the way into the cage to catch them!
She loves this little bunny. Her favorite part is holding the bunnies as if they were little babies.
Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

Here's another sweetie... although, he's hiding his head a bit.

Maybe if we sit down.

That's better! Isn't he sweet?

The "cuddle the baby" holding technique.

"They're so soft, Mom!"

I just love bunnies!



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