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I know you've seen us at the merchandise table. All of our shirts, sweatshirts, signs, cups, mugs, hats, scarves, etc. all lined up for you to browse through and pick something to purchase and take home as your supportive souvenir of the day.

However, we know that it's difficult to always be ready to make purchases (or maybe you went home thinking, "Man! I should have gotten that!").

Well, now you can just browse online! If you find something you like, click the Place Order link and let us know. We'll check our stock for you and organize payment and pick up.


Side Note: Because there is a cost incurred for using online stores such as etsy or ebay, we are going to use an email form instead. You will not be asked for your credit card info. Payment in cash, check (made out to Belleville Band Boosters), or with a credit card will be expected at time of delivery. Thank you.



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