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How to place an order

call/text amy o'brien

If you don't have an email address or would just rather call or text us, you may contact Amy O'Brien at 734.612.7749. She can look up availability and organize pick up/payment of your order.

Use the order form below

First, fill out your information. Second, tell us what you would like to order. Third, click Submit. It's that simple.

For anything from the Wearables page, please include what size you would like as well as how many.

Ex: 1 small, 2 xlarge

If no size is necessary, such as if you were ordering a hat, just tell us how many you would like.

Any other information that is required is listed with the item, such as how you would indicate heavy or regular yarn if you were purchasing a scarf.

After you are done with your selections, click the Submit button. An email with your request will be sent to Amy O'Brien who will then, check stock, and contact you with an order confirmation.

Payment and Delivery

All orders are Payment on Delivery. Our stock moves fast, so we want to make sure that we can fulfill your order before we accept payment.

Payments may be made in cash, a check made out to Belleville Band Boosters, or by using a credit card.

Payment and delivery will be organized through email communications after your order is confirmed.

Thank you!!
Belleville Band Boosters

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