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Hey! Have a Rescued Shepherd (it'll be worth it).

Puppy Mills Suck

There are dog mills where they have female shepherds constantly giving birth to litters. If there are any puppies with deformities, guess what they do? They just kill them. That's all they do. And for what? Money. It's absolutely sickening that people like these are willing to kill puppies with deformities just to make money. This is where rescuing puppies comes in.

Plus, the conditions they're in are absolutely horrid, too. AND half a million dogs are born into puppy mills each year. Cats also go through this, but cats aren't on this site. They're crammed into tiny cages and put up for adoption. This is all over the country.

Furever Homes Rock

Rescuing a dog is important. Heck, it's better than ADOPTING dogs from breeders. Why? SO many dogs and cats, roughly 2.7 million, are euthanized into the U.S. We already have lots of dogs on our planet. We don't need to breed more of them!

There are rescues that just shove dogs and cats your way with literally NO concern for the well-being of the animal. Petfinder is the best way to go. They'll take in any dog and take the best care of them until they're adopted.


German Shepherd Safe Haven
Michigan Human Society (sure this link isn't all shepherds but they're still rescue animals <3)
Michigan German Shepherd Rescue
K9s For Warriors
Help stop mills
Support furever homes


Rachel O'Brien (a.k.a. Rashelle O'Bama)
German Shepherd Palooza Genius Hour Project
March 31, 2017
Mr. Strawcowski, 3rd Hour, Honors Social Studies