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Any of a breed of working dogs of German origin that are intelligent and responsive and are often used in police work and as guide dogs for the blind (Also called Alsatian). The first use of the German shepherd was in 1926.

Physical Aspects

What's the first thing you think of when I ask, "What color are German shepherds?" You'll probably say, "black and tan, obviously." Sure, that's correct on some accounts. But that's not the ONLY shade they can come in.

Here are some examples, but they can come in several other color variations, too.


Black and Tan Is Mom home???
Red and Black It's hot out here.
Panda Did you throw the ball yet?
Black (Jet)
Floyd (White)
Bi-Color (More black instead of tan)
Dilute black and tan (Brighter tan, sometimes no mask) Henlow, Am Sam Bernstein.
Heck, even BLUE, which is also a dilute color Henlow

Eyes: When German Shepherds are born, they have blue eyes which turn brown as they get older. The only way for them to have permanent blue eyes is through a spontaneous gene mutation (more common in Panda and Floyd coated German Shepherds).

Size: Male German shepherds usually are about 60-65cm in length and 66-90lbs. Females are usually 55-60cm in length and 48-75lbs.

Behavioral Traits

German shepherds will need to be trained into a perfect household pet. Even though they're pretty easy to train, it's still important to know how they're going to act. Some personality traits of the ones listed below could be good in some ways, like the work force. But some of these could be bad if one wants one to be a household pet. They can be

  • intelligent
  • strong
  • fierce
  • muscular
  • dominant
  • loyal
  • friendly
  • and extremely protective.


Rachel O'Brien (a.k.a. Rashelle O'Bama)
German Shepherd Palooza Genius Hour Project
March 31, 2017
Mr. Strawcowski, 3rd Hour, Honors Social Studies