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Alright, alright. I can already hear half of my class either cringing or d'awing at the cute puppy on the banner. I get it. And the half that cringed is probably asking "HEY RASHELLE OBAMA WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ON GERMAN SHEPHERDS?" Well, adolescent child sitting bored in-class, probably on your chromebook or just staring off into space, lemme tell ya.

Before and when I was born, my family had a German shepherd of our own named Eddie. Now, I don't remember him, since he passed when I was too young to remember things, but from what my mom says because I need to take her word on at least half of these things, she says he was a very sweet dog. Nowadays we still technically have a German shepherd. Except he's a mix and has cute, floppy ears. His name is Boone (the Macaroon). He's a dork with eyebrows. Don't tease him with a dog treat, he will nip you and it hurts if you tease him too much (he just wants the cookie).

There was once an incident during the past summer, so we had to get our fence re-done. The neighbor's dog was a great dane with ZERO self-control around other dogs and wasn't even trained, either. Boone happened to be around the old fence, and that great dane grabbed him by the ruff and shook him. He did this with one of our other dogs too, except it was with that dog's ear. (This dog will go unnamed as he isn't a German shepherd therefore he will be mentioned another day)

Boone is a rescue. My mom said that she and my dad did a search on to find him. They brought their not-German shepherd to Garden City to meet his new brother. The lady had 6 other animals and Boone, who happened to be 6-month old Shiloh. The not-German shepherd and Boone got along, so they took Shiloh home and gave him the name Boone. That's how my mom and dad gave Boone his furever home. He turns 11 next month, and we love that fuzzy dork.

This was Eddie This is Boone


Rachel O'Brien (a.k.a. Rashelle O'Bama)
German Shepherd Palooza Genius Hour Project
March 31, 2017
Mr. Strawcowski, 3rd Hour, Honors Social Studies